What We're Not

5 Reasons why Shababeek is NOT for you...

The Hobbiest

You have a few hours a week to learn Arabic and that’s all you can afford to give towards participating in Arab life.

At Shababeek, we only accept full time participants (10-20 hours a week). By limiting the number of clients we serve we are able to give personalized coaching and attention to everyone who participates in our program. 

The Perfectionist

You like grammar constructs and rules and knowing all the fancy terms for “gerund” and “participle” and can’t handle saying anything that isn’t perfect from the first time you make an attempt. The thought of not knowing “WHY” something is said that way drives you insane.

Our method of Growing Participation utilizes the unconscious process of identifying and practicing speech patterns. You never explain to a child why they say what they say; they just know because they’ve been nurtured into the language over time. In the same way, through daily exposure to Arabic, we learn to speak automatically when speech patterns begin to “feel right” to us because we’ve heard them repetitively.

You Like Homework

You like to have your text book and fill in charts and worksheets for homework.  Your paper and pencil are never far from you.

At Shababeek, we don’t use curriculum and books.  Instead, we create audio recordings daily in sessions.  Your primary homework is to listen to these recordings.  As your understanding and vocabulary continues to expand, so will your ability to participate in daily life.  No matter what your native language, you’ll be home at Shababeek.  From day one we use only Arabic in sessions.

The Extreme Patriot

You like to argue. You come from the greatest country and belief system in the world and are sure that if everyone was just exposed to all the truth you already know then they would be better off. You can’t think of anything you could learn from people of another culture and are looking for areas they do things differently in order to show them just how much you know.

Shababeek is a place where Arab culture is highly regarded and valued and where teachability and listening pave the path to meaningful participation.  As we attempt to see the world around us through the eyes of Arabs we breakdown stereotypes, prejudice and begin to create a new narrative as we learn to challenge our own world views.

The Traditional Learning Classroom

You prefer to learn languages the same way you learned Spanish in High School – Teacher standing in front of a chalk board pointing to a word while the class repeats it. You like to memorize long lists of words for test only to dump everything you learned the next day.

Listening is the foundation of good pronunciation and understanding…not memorization. Our sessions will give you strong encounters with new vocabulary. As you listen and continue to expand your vocabulary, new words will become easier to use. Sitting for hours with your nose in a book will not help you learn language, but fully participating in Arab life will!  Shababeek offers you windows into that new world of participation.

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