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Learn Levantine Arabic in Person or Online

In person in Amman, Jordan

upper level student learning spoken Arabic in Amman Jordan

Learn Arabic with us in Amman, Jordan. Our center has 50 sound insulated, air conditioned rooms, comfortable break rooms to study in, and is located near local restaurants and coffee shops.

Online from anywhere

Online spoken Levantine Arabic lesson

Our staff are well trained to provide professional, online Arabic language sessions. No matter where you are located, you can learn Arabic!

Our Global Community

We have Levantine Arabic learners from 50+ countries and counting.

Don’t speak English?

It doesn’t matter. Our innovative approach puts you into the Arabic language from day 1. No translation needed. 

Our Proven Approach to Learning Arabic

Shababeek Distinctives

High Standards and Professional Service
Support for your individual pace and progress
Personal Coaching towards your success
Cultural mentoring
Endless resources focused on your goal of speaking like a local


Here’s what clients have to say:

learning spoken Arabic in Amman Jordan

Great program which focuses on both becoming conversational and culturally fluent at the same time. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to not only understand Arabic but also the Arab people.

learning colloquial Arabic in Amman Jordan

If fluency, meaningful interactions, and full participation in Arab society are among your goals – entrust your learning to Shababeek.

studying ammiyah Arabic in Amman Jordan

Shababeek truly gives you the opportunity to learn language effectively and within a short time you will be able to engage conversationally with those around you.


Shababeek offers

a structured program at your personal pace with all the resources needed to develop comprehension and enhance communication skills on your path to learning spoken Levantine Arabic.

Ready to Learn Levantine Arabic?

Traits of Successful Learners

Develops Intuition

Over time, as we embrace ambiguity and listen in abundance, we naturally develop the same sense of what feels correct and incorrect.

Expands Worldview

Teachability, humility and good listening skills go far in our efforts to expand our understanding of another worldview.


We only accept full-time participants (10-25 hours a week). By only serving full-time participants, we are able to focus on each learners’ personal development.


Your progress towards Arabic fluency is dictated by the amount of time and effort spent on language and cultural acquisition, in and outside of the center.