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Arabic language development alongside cross-cultural growth.

“Advanced High” test score

Shababeek helped my wife and I achieve our long-term goal of reaching Advanced High on the ACTFL OPI Speaking Evaluation!

learning Levantine Arabic in Amman Jordan

Shababeek offers…

a structured program at your personal pace with all the resources needed to develop comprehension and enhance communication skills on your path to learning spoken Levantine Arabic.

two women learning colloquial Arabic in Amman Jordan

Your journey through our five-phase Levantine Arabic program starts with simple activities to develop comprehension and conversation skills.

You are the author of your story.

We’re here to help you find the words.

Phase 1


Begin learning Levantine Arabic through the physical world around you. You will use pictures, objects, and puppets, to collect the most essential vocabulary through seeing and doing. Your first day will be completely in Arabic… no translation is needed.

Beginners learning spoken Arabic in Amman Jordan
Phase 2


Learn how to build simple stories in the present and past based on your developing vocabulary. Picture books are used as visual aids in storytelling.

Intermediate students learning spoken Arabic in Amman Jordan
Phase 3


Move beyond the visual into telling familiar world stories and practicing role plays for common interactions.

upper level student learning spoken Arabic in Amman Jordan
Phase 4


Gain deep insights and new perspectives on local life and culture. Your nurturer will share their life story and societal values with you, allowing you to discover the culture around you at a deep level.

conversational upper level student learning spoken Arabic in Amman Jordan
Phase 5


Expand your ability to participate in natural settings. In this phase you encounter authentic speech in the form of audio and visual resources intended for an Arab audience. Activities in this phase help enhance your speed of processing language, preparing you to participate in a group of proficient local speakers.

advanced Arabic speaker in spoken Arabic in Amman Jordan
Learn Levantine Arabic dialect in Jordan with an experiential approach to language learning.

Shababeek’s 5 Phases

Each phase of our experiential Arabic learning program consists of different activities and an approximate hour count of how long each phase takes.

Beyond Language

At Shababeek, we’re not just a language center; we’re a window into authentic Jordanian and Arab culture. Discover how we break down preconceived notions, fostering a deeper understanding between Arabs and foreigners.

Shababeek Podcast

We regularly cover frequently asked questions and engage in vital Arabic acquisition and cross-cultural relational issues.