Learn Levantine Arabic in Jordan or Online

The more hours you take, the better your rate.

Prices are per person, per hour. Rates apply to in person or online learning.

4 days and 10 hours per week minimum (Phases 1-3). Part-time options are available for advanced Arabic learners.

Contact us about options outside of working hours. Overtime rates apply.

Beginning Arabic

Shababeek Distinctives

It feels like a miracle

Shababeek has given me the best Arabic learning experience I could ask for. It feels like a miracle that within two years I could go from knowing nearly nothing to having friendships totally in Arabic, teach art classes, and feel totally comfortable in the culture. Out of all the Arabic centers out there, I believe this is the most effective center to learn Arabic and Arab culture.

Katherine studies colloquial Arabic in Jordan

Efficient and fun

Shababeek is by far the most efficient and fun out of everything I’ve done so far on my language journey to this point.

learning colloquial Arabic in Jordan

“Advanced High” test score

Shababeek helped my wife and I achieve our long-term goal of reaching Advanced High on the ACTFL OPI Speaking Evaluation!

learning Levantine Arabic in Amman Jordan

Our local friends are amazed

After just one year, our local friends are amazed at our ability to hold conversations completely in Arabic!

Jason learns colloquial Arabic in Amman Jordan

I cohost a podcast in Arabic

I just finished recording an interview episode of a podcast I cohost in Arabic… My language learning journey will never be over, but the linguistic and cultural initiation into the Arabic speaking world that I received from my time at Shababeek is what made it possible for me to participate in a project like this.

Lauren studied Arabic in Jordan and now has an Arabic podcast

We couldn’t be happier!

Locals tell us all the time that they can’t believe how much Arabic we know after only 6 months here. We couldn’t be happier!

Ashley learns Levantine Arabic in Amman Jordan at Shababeek Center
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Additional Services

You don't have to be in Amman now in order to learn Arabic!  Learn from where you are.
Are you living outside of Jordan but have a tutor helping you learn Arabic?  Our long-term staff have hired and trained many dozens of nurturers and help your nurturer upgrade their skills in any phase.
Wherever you are, tap into our years of experience coaching hundreds of participants through every phase.  Need new ideas, inspiration or advice?  Everyone does better with a coach.
DCP (Development Consultation and Plan)
Wondering what's holding you back from speaking like a native?  Wishing you had constructive feedback to move you ahead?  Set up this assessment of your patterns of speech to get you intentionally focusing on areas of growth.
Looking for transition support and intercultural coaching? Click below to learn more.