Empowering you to learn spoken Arabic from wherever you are.

Online spoken Levantine Arabic lesson

Whether you are a beginner or have been learning for years, we’ve got you covered. Group, pair or individual sessions are possible wherever you are in the world.

You no longer have to come to the Middle East for an immersive experience. Or, if you are already planning on moving to Amman, Jordan, you can get a jump start before you even get off the plane. Imagine showing up ready to talk with everyone you meet!

There are software options, like Rosetta Stone. But those will only help you learn Modern Standard Arabic, which isn’t the way Arabs actually speak to one another. You’ll need to learn a dialect to really engage with people who speak Arabic.

Everything we offer at our facility in Amman, Jordan can be accessed online from home and at the same price.

Don’t postpone until you are here.
Learn to speak like a local from wherever you are!