Shababeek Participants Receive

  • Personalized intercultural adaptation coaching sessions

  • Included adaptation and transition support

  • Monthly cross-cultural seminars
  • A space to process and debrief

Intercultural Adaptation Coaching

At Shababeek we believe your holistic health is key to success. That’s why we include adaptation and transition support for every Shababeek participant.  

Erin Reyes, one of the founders of Shababeek, is a cultural adaptation and transition coach.  She provides support to Arabic language and culture learners they navigate a new life abroad.  

Each month, Erin leads a seminar on cultural topics designed to equip you to communicate more effectively across cultures. 

Additionally, personalized Intercultural Adaptation Coaching sessions are offered as part of the Shababeek language learning program.  Participants who are taking at least ten hours of Arabic sessions per week can schedule a personal session with Erin every three months.

Whether you’re living overseas and adapting to a new context, or working interculturally while living in your home country, these individualized sessions offer a safe space for you to process and debrief your experiences.

Erin knows from personal experience that adapting to life in another country can be challenging, and she also knows that with the right support it can be the most enriching experience of your life. 

Contact us to begin your Arabic language and culture journey!