Personalized Development Plan

  • Personalized strategy for improving your Arabic

  • Conducted by a native Arabic speaker

  • Overcome your plateau with a plan

  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses and specifically how to improve

Development Consultation and Plan (DCP)

Many people ask us if Shababeek does ”assessments.” We find that language assessments can be demotivating or even discouraging.

That’s why we offer a Development Consultation and Plan as an alternative. This 60-90 minute review of your speaking patterns, sentence structure and pronunciation will help you effectively set goals to work on areas that need strengthened. We will help you create a personal strategy to overcome.

Included in your consultation, you’ll receive a written report in order to aid your efforts to isolate and work through those areas, delivering the practice you need in order to begin to set up healthy future speaking habits.

This service includes a 60 minute debrief to review the results. In our experience, awareness can play a critical role in break-through.

Don’t get discouraged about where you are today, rather make a plan to keep your eye on where you are heading!

Contact us to schedule your DCP today.