2016-09-24T15:57:38+03:00By |Testimonials|

I remain perplexed and amazed by the quality of your program, including its delivery; two months out and the amount of Arabic I  understand and know is shocking!!! […]


2016-09-24T15:56:11+03:00By |Testimonials|

Whether you’re totally new to studying Arabic and you’re unfamiliar with the GPA method, or if you’ve studied previously with any method, GPA or not, we would strongly […]


2016-09-24T15:51:54+03:00By |Testimonials|

We often joyfully remark that we cannot imagine a better place on the planet to be learning Arabic.  Your effort to maintain a standard of excellence at Shababeek cannot be […]

Kayti & Austin

2016-05-15T11:16:58+03:00By |Testimonials|

Though our time in the Middle East has been extensive, our relationships and sessions at Shababeek have shed more light on this culture in the last two years than the […]


2015-12-01T11:48:20+03:00By |Testimonials|

Wow, where to begin?!?  After my time at Shababeek, I’m able to watch movies and tv, and (much better than that!) participate fully in life in Arabic.  The […]


2015-11-15T16:13:16+03:00By |Testimonials|

I am so happy with Shababeek. I have told all of my friends what an amazing center it is. Really, some of the best language instruction that I […]

Liz Anne

2015-11-03T14:56:32+03:00By |Testimonials|

We so appreciate what you’ve created in Shababeek. Thank you for showing us what a program can accomplish when it’s done with excellence.


2015-04-14T15:35:09+03:00By |Testimonials|

Studying here has been rich and extremely beneficial on multiple fronts.  I have made new friends, understand Jordan on deeper levels, can engage with arabic speakers with ease and had […]


2015-03-05T10:41:20+03:00By |Testimonials|

The sessions I received from Shababeek not only helped me with the dialect but it really strengthened my vocabulary. It has helped with my work as I work […]


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