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Jeff standard

Shababeek is an amazing language center that is always looking for ways to improve. Arabic is an extremely challenging language to tackle but Shababeek has many resources available to help language learners meet their goals. With well trained teachers, Arabic recordings and shared cultural experiences outside the classroom Shababeek is well equipped to make language learning fun and engaging.

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Hannah standard

I have been trying to learn Arabic for ~6 years- studying formally in a university, taking private lessons, working immersed in the language. But after only two months at Shababeek, I have real hope for the first time that I can learn this language, and I look forward to the relationships that will grow out of this incredible opportunity.

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Jason standard

Absolutely love this language center! After just one year, our local friends are amazed at our progression and ability to hold a conversation completely in Arabic! Outstanding patient nurturers! I give my strongest recommendation for attending this center. While it may be expensive, there is rapid lifelong payoff. Consider the long term outcome of picking up Arabic quickly and getting yourself immersed into the language and culture!

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Maryann standard

When our friends found out that we were going to be moving to Amman, their first advice was, “You have to study at Shababeek!” Easily one of the best decisions we have made. The environment is encouraging and challenging while also providing amazing resources. We never run out of things to do with our teachers. To top it off, we have been extremely thankful for the depth of involvement the coaching staff takes in making sure we have a great learning experience. We could not more highly recommend Shababeek and are so thankful to be a part of this great community.

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Brett standard

Our language learning has been a great experience for us. My wife and I are learning more and more each day, and we are pleased with how well the nurturers have such patience with us as we learn. We have days of fun and laughter along with days of struggle, but even on those days the language is entering us. The nurturers are so kind to lead us thru those difficult times and to help us press thru to the next level. All the nurturers are so well trained and the process is so professionally put together. We highly recommend Shababeek to anyone wanting to learn Arabic.

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Amy standard

I have gone to Shababeek the past 3 1/2 years, and have been so, so pleased with my progress! I love all the teachers here, some of them are my closest friends in Jordan! Great center, very organized and a special place where you get brought in to the culture and family as well while you are learning Arabic.

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Thery standard

Shababeek is the best place to learn Arabic! I planned to travel to Jordan to learn Arabic and a friend told me to get in touch with Shababeek. I am so glad I did!  They told me about the method used, which is called GPA. I had never heard of it, but I trusted the team.  I think it is one of the best choice I’ve ever made in my life! After just 4 weeks of sessions, I learned to understand and speak Arabic so that I was able to have a 5 minutes conversation with a taxi driver, understanding each question and answering with whole sentences. The progress is barely believable! A native Arabic speaking nurturer, dinnerware set, toys, ...

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Matt standard

I’ve studied Arabic in various environments- hiring a tutor on my own, studying at other GPA centers, and formal classroom environments.  What sets Shababeek apart is the center’s practice of accountability from every angle.  This is of high importance especially considering the great task it is to grow in a language.  Accountability is not forced on learners, but it is widely available through excellent coaching.  Because of the coaching I’ve received, my sessions are more fruitful than they’ve ever been anywhere else.  The language nurturers are also held accountable to a high standard through ongoing training and checkups in the sessions.  This keeps everyone on the cutting edge of learning so we can be poised for maximum growth.  Thanks Shababeek!

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