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Thery standard

Shababeek is the best place to learn Arabic! I planned to travel to Jordan to learn Arabic and a friend told me to get in touch with Shababeek. I am so glad I did!  They told me about the method used, which is called GPA. I had never heard of it, but I trusted the team.  I think it is one of the best choice I’ve ever made in my life! After just 4 weeks of sessions, I learned to understand and speak Arabic so that I was able to have a 5 minutes conversation with a taxi driver, understanding each question and answering with whole sentences. The progress is barely believable! A native Arabic speaking nurturer, dinnerware set, toys, ...

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Matt standard

I’ve studied Arabic in various environments- hiring a tutor on my own, studying at other GPA centers, and formal classroom environments.  What sets Shababeek apart is the center’s practice of accountability from every angle.  This is of high importance especially considering the great task it is to grow in a language.  Accountability is not forced on learners, but it is widely available through excellent coaching.  Because of the coaching I’ve received, my sessions are more fruitful than they’ve ever been anywhere else.  The language nurturers are also held accountable to a high standard through ongoing training and checkups in the sessions.  This keeps everyone on the cutting edge of learning so we can be poised for maximum growth.  Thanks Shababeek!

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Julia standard

I remain perplexed and amazed by the quality of your program, including its delivery; two months out and the amount of Arabic I  understand and know is shocking!!! It shocks others as well. I have recommended your school as ‘the only option’ to several other Canadians on their way to Amman over the next few months. The time I spent at Shababeek, and in Amman in general, but particularly at your school was a truly special period in my life. The amount of culture that is delivered and learned through language isn’t something I expected to experience, least of all in the early stages of learning. I do hope to be back!

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Nathan standard

Whether you’re totally new to studying Arabic and you’re unfamiliar with the GPA method, or if you’ve studied previously with any method, GPA or not, we would strongly recommend Shababeek if you wish to become conversational in Jordanian Arabic. The organization and proficiency modeled by the management and the quality of the teachers really stands out. The atmosphere among the nurturers and students is very rare and should be appreciated for what it is – there is a respect and desire to learn from one another that is very obvious. The management have put a lot of time and energy into the center and have created a good center that offers a good product.

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Nicholas standard

Wow, where to begin?!?  After my time at Shababeek, I’m able to watch movies and tv, and (much better than that!) participate fully in life in Arabic.  The journey getting there through Shababeek was SO AWESOME.  I laughed more in the last year and a half than any time in my whole life, and I’ve made so many incredible friends.  I am truly sad to be finishing up full-time at Shababeek, and it will forever be one of the most special experiences of my life.

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