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2016-09-24T15:57:38+02:00By |Testimonials|

I remain perplexed and amazed by the quality of your program, including its delivery; two months out and the amount of Arabic I  understand and know is shocking!!! […]


2016-09-24T15:56:11+02:00By |Testimonials|

Whether you’re totally new to studying Arabic and you’re unfamiliar with the GPA method, or if you’ve studied previously with any method, GPA or not, we would strongly […]


2016-09-24T15:53:26+02:00By |Testimonials|

For me it is the perfect learning environment, without pressure but lots of encouragement which motivates me even more.  You have chosen and trained the teachers well!


2016-09-24T15:51:54+02:00By |Testimonials|

We often joyfully remark that we cannot imagine a better place on the planet to be learning Arabic.  Your effort to maintain a standard of excellence at Shababeek cannot be […]