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Joseph standard

I’ve spent the last year learning Arabic at Shababeek- and couldn’t have asked for a better place! The nurturers are committed to our learning, the entire office is organized and keeps us moving forward with courage in the GPA method. We have a chance to not only learn Arabic but to gain a new perspective on life and current events. After a year I feel very good about the progress I’ve made and look forward to the next year at Shababeek!

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Holly standard

I have tried other learning centers and private tutors but Shababeek offers something entirely different.   With coaches who previously learned Arabic with the GPA method, they know what are difficult areas and create creative solutions to help participants overcome these obstacles.  Pair this with fun, patient and encouraging nurturers and my Arabic skills have increased exponentially and my confidence to speak has soared.

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Lisa standard

There’s no place like Shababeek.  During my time here I have felt like part of a family.  My language helpers have been exemplary, like sisters and I have learned so much more than language from them.  The leadership has been so committed to making my experience the best that it could possibly be.  They welcome suggestions and changes with open arms so that each participant might make as much progress as possible.  More than a language center, Shababeek is a safe place to explore and grow in a new culture.  My experience in Jordan wouldn’t have been complete without it.

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Aubree standard

When I first came to Shababeek I was very nervous about language learning.  I figured the process would be discouraging and difficult.  By the first orientation I realized that Shababeek and the GPA process was going to be quite different.  These past 8 months of learning Arabic have been encouraging, fun, empowering and have opened doors to a new world.  I could not have asked for a better language learning experience.  On top of the incredible fact that I already can have basic conversations in Arabic, I feel Shababeek has also given me amazing friendships.  The nurturers have been my brothers & sisters who continue gently bringing me further into their culture.  I can say I love Arabic and never ...

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Esther standard

I consistently find Shababeek’s approach to language and culture inspiring and spot-on. Often times, Shababeek management and staff put words to experiences and processes of learning that I had not previously been able to articulate but that speak to my feelings 100%. The most important thing I think when living in a new culture, and the thing to which Shababeek shows unparalleled dedication, is the process of learning to put ourselves aside, to observe rather than judge, and to try to look, with clear eyes, at what surrounds us. Thank you so much for advocating for this approach and for supporting others in doing this.

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