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2014-12-29T08:04:56+02:00By |Testimonials|

I’ve spent the last year learning Arabic at Shababeek- and couldn’t have asked for a better place! The nurturers are committed to our learning, the entire office is organized and […]


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I have tried other learning centers and private tutors but Shababeek offers something entirely different.   With coaches who previously learned Arabic with the GPA method, they know what are difficult […]


2014-12-29T08:04:00+02:00By |Testimonials|

There’s no place like Shababeek.  During my time here I have felt like part of a family.  My language helpers have been exemplary, like sisters and I have learned so […]


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When I first came to Shababeek I was very nervous about language learning.  I figured the process would be discouraging and difficult.  By the first orientation I realized that Shababeek […]


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I consistently find Shababeek’s approach to language and culture inspiring and spot-on. Often times, Shababeek management and staff put words to experiences and processes of learning that I had not […]