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As an early Arabic learner, how can you get exposed to Levantine Arabic spoken at your level?

The brain works best when exposed repeatedly to language it fully understands.  Don’t try to listen to a podcast or watch television extensively as a language learning activity in early phases; that’s the work of Phase 5 and primarily useful in its place.  However, there are great places to overhear conversations at earlier language learning phases as well.  Be a fly on the wall where you are likely to hear Arabic used at your level.  For beginners this includes the park, a pool, an exercise class; places where basic instructions are given.  Ideally if we could all go back to day care or preschool and there would be lots of spoken Arabic at our level.  Try to take time to just overhear things wherever you are.  What are parents shouting at kids at the park?  What is the salesman at the dukan or the pharmacist at the pharmacy asking customers?  Those encounters will really help you grasp the language you are in need of most in real life situations and reinforce valuable phrases used to communicate daily.