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important mistake to avoid when learning Levantine Arabic

The most important, but most neglected essential habit is listening to audio you fully understand again and again.  If you’ve already worked hard to understand every piece of a story, don’t just discard that valuable recording. Keep coming back to it until it feels simple and easy. Listening to those Arabic recordings is the review and reinforcement that keeps you in close contact with words you’ve learned previously, in the context that you first encountered them.  Don’t review and memorize lists of vocabulary.  Just spend time going back to the stories from previous phases and keep them fresh.  

Don’t review and memorize lists of vocabulary.

Your brain does its best work when it is at rest.  When it reviews and processes what we’ve already experienced with ease, it can detect other things we may have missed the first time we heard it.  Without any new components, our mind can hone in on parts of speech we didn’t catch at the time, but that we can notice now that we’ve heard the vocabulary several times since in new ways.  

When we take time to revisit Arabic audio recordings that are easy, this does the review that we need at a deeper level.  Without doing this we are missing a vital step in reinforcing vocabulary we’ve already worked hard to understand.  So take some time to listen to something you took in sessions last week, last month, last phase on a daily basis.