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what to prioritize when reviewing Levantine Arabic

Here’s a hint…

It’s not your Arabic word log.

Use that for support, only when necessary.

Instead, spend time listening and re-listening to the audio that first introduced you to the new Arabic vocabulary words. The original context is always going to be best. The same goes for past audio recordings you’ve worked through. You’ll want to revisit those by listening again and again, not just the day you took them in a session, but from time to time for weeks and months. This will refresh your memory on vocabulary you want to maintain.

Secondly, spend time both listening to and practicing the sentences written in your sentence log. If you attempted to say something, but it did not come out the way locals would say it, make sure you have what attempted to say written and recorded so you can go back and work – out loud – on practicing those sentences and phrases between sessions.

What is fluency?

Fluency is speaking with ease and without hesitation. It takes lots of practice (and reviewing) to get to this point. Try to say important sentences in Arabic that you need in daily life again and again until they roll off the tongue easily. You could even work on your intonation by tracking with those sentences you’ve recorded, saying them with the voice if your nurturer until your speed matches theirs.