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how to know when you are ready to move on to the next phase of learning Levantine Arabic in Jordan

Am I ready to advance to new phase activities?

This is not a question you have to decipher for yourself. We will help you with that. Our Manager of Participant Progress and Advancement is dedicated to monitoring your progress behind the scenes for just this reason. Additionally, benchmarks are available in each of the folders, beginning in the transition to Phase 3

It’s not all about your hour count

The hours listed for each phase are a guideline, but they do not firmly dictate when you are ready to advance. A lot depends on the ease of Arabic activities for you personally. Does it feel that you are ready for a new challenge? Again, hours are a guide, but your ability to get through material is a better indicator of the number of Arabic vocabulary words you are presently familiar with at your level.

If there is ever a question of whether or not we think you are ready to advance to the next phase, we will touch base with you and see if you are prepared to press on to more challenging activities. Your comfort level is a vital indicator here. If you are hesitant, we can either delay and continue with the current phase activities or we can begin more advanced language learning activities but with a foot in both phases. It can be helpful to balance a little of what you’re already comfortable doing with a bit of something that stretches you.  If we have concerns about your readiness for the coming phase, we will also reach out to let you know why we recommend spending a little more time at the level you are at. In general, it is almost always better to grasp things we are struggling with at an easier level. Moving into huge areas of growth while also increasing the level of difficulty in a higher phase can lead to discouragement and actually stunt growth instead of foster it. 

We are here to support you throughout the process to make sure you are moving at a pace that is conducive to growth for you specifically.