Phases of Learning


Phases of Spoken Arabic Learning

Our method of experiential learning divides Spoken Arabic into 6 organic phases

Phase 1 Spoken Arabic

Phase 1

Here and Now

100 Hours

Learn the physical world around you. Using pictures, objects, and puppets, collect the most essential vocabulary through seeing and doing

Phase 2 Spoken Arabic

Phase 2

Narrative Building

150-200 Hours

Learn how to build simple stories in the present and past based on your developing vocabulary. Picture books are used as visual aids in storytelling.

Phase 3 Spoken Arabic

Phase 3

Shared Experiences

250 Hours

Experience the world together with your nurturer. Perform everyday tasks like haggling, using public transport, and visiting the local market. Auditory comprehension activities are done together with your nurturer. 

Phase 4 Spoken Arabic

Phase 4

Deep Life Sharing

500 Hours

Gain deep insights and new perspectives on local life and culture. Your nurturer will share their life story and societal values with you, allowing you to discover the culture around you at a deep level.


Phase 5 Spoken Arabic

Phase 5

Native to Native Discourse

500 Hours

Expand your ability to participate in natural settings. Audio and visual resources intended for a Jordanian audience helps you to speak and act like a native.


Phase 6 Spoken Arabic

Phase 6

Community Sustained Growth

Continue to grow as you play an increasingly important role in the community alongside locals. Understanding is gained through immersion and exposure.


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