Interested in working in an engaging environment alongside local staff and international clients?

We are looking for a New Client Onboarding Coordinator. Candidates need to have reached an intermediate level in Arabic and have full proficiency in English, as this position requires professional correspondence and rapid responses via email.

Qualified candidates are:
  • highly motivated,
  • detail oriented,
  • self-directed,
  • energetic,
  • able to handle a significant level of responsibility.

If you have administrative skills, are outgoing and can handle task-switching with ease, click the button below to be taken to the application page.

Job Description

  1. Responding to inquiries from potential new participants to answer any questions they may have and encourage them to sign up with our program via e-mail/phone/or for walk-in inquiries.
  2. Confidently explain our program and its benefits and distinctives to anyone interested.
  3. Coordinating onboarding processes for new clients (such as payments and payment requests, receipts, collecting the terms of service, scheduling level placements, arranging their schedules, welcoming them upon arrival).
  4. Following interactions with interested clients to completion verifying a smooth signup process.
  5. Arranging and following up on level placements for new or returning clients.
  6. Continuously updating data entry processes for new and returning clients.
  7. Communication with the management team through the WhatsApp group and at team meetings to inform the team of any new clients or groups that are forming in the coming weeks.
  8. Monitoring the layout sheet to stay aware of any available session slots that can be filled and assigning new clients schedules according to availability.
  9. Managing the customer’s WhatsApp group and updating the social media groups related to new groups that are forming and sending notes through social media applications about activities the company undertakes, important events, announcements, new client socials parties, etc.
  10. Send personal messages at the end of a participants time with us to make sure they understand all their options for continuing with us, gather feedback and thank them for choosing Shababeek.
  11. Administer orientations for phase 1 and phase 2 for new clients. Follow up with new clients in phases 3, 4 and 5 to ensure everything is going well once they have begun.

    Qualified Candidates:

  1. Are able to task-switch with ease,
  2. Have a high capacity for constant input and interaction,
  3. Are competent to follow tasks to completion,
  4. Are detail oriented,
  5. Are self-directed; able to work independently,
  6. Have reached an intermediate level of spoken Arabic and basic reading ability,
  7. Have an advanced proficiency in both spoken and written professional skills,
  8. Are able to grasp concepts quickly and communicate clearly and concisely,
  9. Will be located most of the year on location in Jordan,
  10. Possess organizational skills to create systems and track data.