Switching to a new Arabic dialect?

Do you plan to continue your Arabic growth in a new dialect?

You won’t want to miss this next free* lecture where Jozeca Murphy (M.A. Linguistics) will present helpful research, engaging practices, and thorough suggestions on how to move from one Arabic dialect to another.

In this lecture, Jozeca will share:

1. Findings of her thesis research on the role of MSA study in dialect transfer for Arabic learners.

2. Practical tips on what you can do now to prepare yourself well for learning a new dialect in the future.

3. Step-by-step suggestions on how to approach a new dialect (including a 100-hour plan).

How to switch from one Arabic dialect to another


DATE: Tuesday, Oct 11, 2022.
TIMES: 12:15pm at Shababeek (1st floor, room 50) OR 5:15pm on Zoom (link will be provided).
COST: Free to Shababeek participants, (* 10 JD for guests).
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