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5 Questions to ask when choosing an Arabic Language Center image

Last year I bought an oven.  Cooking healthy meals for my family is a high priority for me, a huge part of the way I love my family.  I knew it would be the oven I would have for a good many years and would affect every meal we would eat.  Making an informed choice required that I visit many stores to compare brands, warranties, and the reputation of the manufacturer.  In the end, it was not the least expensive oven that I chose.  I purchased the oven most likely to yield the best possible muffins and chicken pot pie one could bake. The same careful process should be followed in order to select an Arabic language center.  True, some ...

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How to develop proficiency in Arabic literacy? Talk more! image

Learning to read is an important part of learning language within a literate society. Regardless of what type of communication skills are desired, Arabic literacy is an essential part of achieving fluency. Just like children learn to understand and speak before they learn to read, as language learners we want our communication ability to lead our reading and writing ability. The Challenges Arabic literacy presents unique challenges. The script is very different from Roman script in shape and direction, letters that look similar have completely different sounds, letters change shape based on location in the word, and dots fall above and below the text line. Apart from that, vowel markings that impact pronunciation, meaning, and grammatical function are rarely written. The ...

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Undershirts and Tuna: 6 Behaviors Students of Arabic Should Avoid in Jordan image

While on your Arabic learning journey, you’re bound to commit a few cultural faux pas. Do you ever wish someone would just tell you directly if you’ve embarrassed or offended them? In Jordan, you will rarely find that someone. Chances are, they will discuss our behaviors with others, but most would rather not share with you directly if something you have done is considered disrespectful or socially unacceptable. As a foreigner who has lived in ِAmman, Jordan nearly a decade, I now know that there have been dozens of times my knowledge of local Arabic culture was inadequate. Consequently, I did not behave in culturally appropriate ways.  It wasn’t out of malice, but rather lack of awareness on my part. ...

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