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Brett standard

Our language learning has been a great experience for us. My wife and I are learning more and more each day, and we are pleased with how well the nurturers have such patience with us as we learn. We have days of fun and laughter along with days of struggle, but even on those days the language is entering us. The nurturers are so kind to lead us thru those difficult times and to help us press thru to the next level. All the nurturers are so well trained and the process is so professionally put together. We highly recommend Shababeek to anyone wanting to learn Arabic.

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Chad’s Journey in Language Learning standard

     I recently hit my two year mark here in Jordan, and looking back on my journey-all of which has been spent in intensive language study-I can confidently say I am not where I thought I would be…and I am so grateful!      When I first landed in Jordan, I knew more Arabic than most expats who move to the Middle East. I did a couple semesters of Ancient Arabic in college and finished the Rosetta Stone program (I even played all the accessory games which were actually pretty fun and helpful). Even with this background, I experienced the strangest social occurrences when interacting with my newfound local friends. Every time I wanted to ask them a question ...

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