What Sets Shababeek Apart?

Constant Refinement

We do something to refine our program every day to ensure you are being served with the highest standards. Got ideas? We want to hear from you!


Language Coaches

Professionally trained Language Learning Advisors are on staff and ready to coach sessions. We’re here to help you reach your Arabic language learning goals.


Modern Amenities

A large break room with coffee, tea and free wifi is open throughout the day. Soundproofed rooms and personal thermostats ensure comfort during your sessions.



Games, worksheets and an online platform containing hundreds of recordings are available for use during sessions.



Since 2013, we have served over 600 participants from around the world, coaching them through each phase of our program.


We offer seminars on current events, intercultural adaptation, and linguistics throughout the year. Click here for more info.


Individualized Sessions

Our program is shaped around you, the individual. Your pace dictates the program. Nurturers will concentrate on improving areas of development for YOU.


We have high standards! We observe sessions regularly to ensure participants are being challenged and are progressing at the appropriate speed.

Shared Experiences

Go on an adventure with your nurturer! Participate in a life activity alongside a local and experience the world through their eyes.


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