Phases of GPA

The method of growing participation divides language learning into 6 phases that will help you grow in the depth and capacity of participation like a child being nurtured into a new world.

Phase 1

Here and Now

  • 100 Hours
  • Spiral outward as children re-learn the physical world around them.  Using props and Total Physical Response, collect the most necessary vocabulary now through seeing and doing.

Phase 2

Story Building

  • 150 Hours
  • Build simple stories using your vocabulary.

Phase 3

Shared Stories

  • 250 Hours
  • Begin to experience the world with your nurturer through shared experiences.

Phase 4

Deep Life Sharing

  • 500 Hours
  • Encounter deep events in the lives of your nurturers.

Phase 5

Native to Native Discourse

  • 500 Hours
  • Listen to any native to native content and learn about such content with your nurturer.

Phase 6

Self Sustaining Growth in Community

  • Ongoing
  • Continue building vocabulary through immersion and large quantities of time with people as you now understand most of what you hear around you.

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