Phases of GPA

The method of growing participation divides language learning into 6 phases that will help you grow in the depth and capacity of participation like a child being nurtured into a new world.

Phase 1

Here and Now

  • 100 Hours
  • Spiral outward as children re-learn the physical world around them.  Using props and Total Physical Response, collect the most necessary vocabulary through seeing and doing.

Phase 2

Story Building

  • 150 Hours
  • Simple wordless books are used as visual aids to help you loosen up your tongue and build simple stories based on your ever growing vocabulary.

Phase 3

Shared Stories

  • 250 Hours
  • Begin to experience the world with your nurturer through shared stories and  experiences.  We begin to move away from visual support in this phase and rely more heavily on audio materials.

Phase 4

Deep Life Sharing

  • 500 Hours
  • Discover more depth of the world around you through one life story at a time.  By listening to the life stories of your nurturers you will learn more about the culture than you ever thought possible.  We move participants to a new nurturer every 60-80 hours in this phase, giving you the opportunity to experience many perspectives on local life and culture.

Phase 5

Native to Native Discourse

  • 500 Hours
  • Material is based on content meant for a Jordanian audience.  Resources include recordings made in-house on a variety of topics as well as Jordanian television and radio programs.  Your ability to participate in the world around you truly begins to flourish in this phase.

Phase 6

Self Sustaining Growth in Community

  • Ongoing
  • Continue building vocabulary through immersion and large quantities of time with people as you now understand most of what you hear around you.

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