What is Experiential Learning?

When you learn Arabic, you’re not just learning a language. You’re learning about a culture that spans thousands of years, two continents, and is shared by over 400 million people.

At Shababeek, we believe entering the local community is the most effective way to learn a language. Creating connections and friendships, having new experiences and becoming a part of the culture: All will motivate you to learn Arabic rapidly.

As such, we integrate language development alongside cross-cultural growth in our sessions. All of our materials are tailored towards showing you how to live fully in the Arab World, preparing you for the most basic to the most advanced contexts. Our Jordanian staff will guide you in your journey in understanding the local culture and will allow you to see Jordan and the Middle East through their eyes.

From day one only Arabic is used in sessions. You will journey through our six-phase program, starting with simple activities to develop comprehension, creating visual narratives and learning to story-tell. Eventually you will communicate deeply with locals to understand their experiences and culture. Finally, you will be able to understand Arabs even when they speak among themselves.

The result? A new world opens up to you. Confidence will come as you learn Arabic and your cultural competency increases.  You will take on a role in the local community and take charge of your narrative. You are the author of your own story. We’re just here to help you find the words.

We’re here to Help

While exciting and novel, a new culture can be hard to navigate. Our staff and nurturers will be available every step of the way to ensure your transition into Amman, and Jordanian culture is as smooth as possible. The Shababeek center will provide a familiar space and a community that will support you in your journey to learn Arabic.

The Western members of our staff have been in your shoes and understand what challenges new learners face. Our Jordanian staff provide a chance to have open and frank dialogue about cultural practices, creating a safe place for questioning and reflection.

The Shababeek Center acts as a home base for its learners and staff. Whether gathering in the break room for someone’s birthday, cooking traditional Arabic dishes, or just hanging out, the center is always abuzz with activity. Learners and staff are eager to help one another, give recommendations, or just lend a listening ear.

With over 30 classrooms, 150 students and 40 staff members, we’re one of the largest language centers of our kind in Amman. However, we’re a tight group and consider ourselves family at Shababeek. Relationships created here run deep and last long. As you learn about the Arab culture and create a space for yourself in Amman, we will be right behind you, supporting you and cheering you on.

Join the Shababeek Family!

Your constant attention to detail, continual additions to audio materials, frequent training of nurturers and strong desire for excellence have made Shababeek an undoubtable success.  Any success I hopefully enjoy, I will attribute back to Shababeek.


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