What is Growing Participation?

Learn Arabic

We use the Growing Participation Approach to language learning.  No memorization, no book based curriculum, just steady growth through strong, memorable encounters with vocabulary as you build recognition. 

Our primary goal is to understand Arabs.  For that reason, our six-phase program is comprehension led.  From day one only Arabic is used in sessions.  First through simple activities to demonstrate comprehension, then by creating visual stories and learning to storytell, and eventually understanding life interviews that help us better understand the host culture that surrounds us.  By the end of Phase 5 you’ll even understand Arabs when they speak to one another.

We take extraordinary young people in Jordan and train them to be “nurturers” who will apprentice us into Arab life and help us to see the world through their eyes.  Only with this understanding will we learn what Arabic words communicate in this local context.

Within a matter of months, you will progress into understanding and exchanging complex cultural stories and experiences and your heart will be forever changed as you come to participate deeply in host life.

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