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Embody Your Identity standard

Who do you want to be? James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, says this question is the key to developing habits that lead to successful outcomes. Rather than focusing on goals or the achievements we want to see in our lives, we should focus on our identity; who we wish to become. Most people don’t consider identity change when they set out to learn something. They fix their eye on the final outcome in order to decide their actions, rather than setting an identity that will shape their habits. However, if you neglect to change your underlying beliefs about yourself, it is difficult to change your habits as your behaviors are usually a reflection of your identity; an indication of ...

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Language is Ubiquitous standard

When is the last time you have used the word ubiquitous in your speech? Chances are, you never have. Before I picked up the book, Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, I had never noticed anyone use the word ubiquitous; yet it’s meaning is so simple; “present, appearing or found everywhere.” It’s not overly complex, but only after hearing my audiobook narrator say this word multiple times, did I begin to grasp its meaning; a word in my own language, surrounded by other words I fully understood. As the director of a language program designed to help people learn spoken Arabic, I often notice when vocabulary in my own first language remains unfamiliar to me. I asked myself if I could ...

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