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Jeff standard

Shababeek is an amazing language center that is always looking for ways to improve. Arabic is an extremely challenging language to tackle but Shababeek has many resources available to help language learners meet their goals. With well trained teachers, Arabic recordings and shared cultural experiences outside the classroom Shababeek is well equipped to make language learning fun and engaging.

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Hannah standard

I have been trying to learn Arabic for ~6 years- studying formally in a university, taking private lessons, working immersed in the language. But after only two months at Shababeek, I have real hope for the first time that I can learn this language, and I look forward to the relationships that will grow out of this incredible opportunity.

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Jason standard

Absolutely love this language center! After just one year, our local friends are amazed at our progression and ability to hold a conversation completely in Arabic! Outstanding patient nurturers! I give my strongest recommendation for attending this center. While it may be expensive, there is rapid lifelong payoff. Consider the long term outcome of picking up Arabic quickly and getting yourself immersed into the language and culture!

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